What do our customers think of INSTANT

  • I haven't changed the way I post and engaged with followers but the impact of Instant has been huge. In the past few hours, for example, I have had 60 new followers.

    Sarah Grey
    Gym Marketing Manager
  • I’ve been using Instant for a while now and it’s been so awesome for my Instagram profile. For the first time in months, I’m not anxious about if my account is growing or not. I recommend this if you are looking to really take your account to the next level.

    Max White
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
  • Well, I honestly wasn't expecting such a fast growth of organic followers. They're geo-targeted and the engagement levels are pretty good. Super happy with the account management and fortnightly payment plan.

    Denise Parker
    Restaurant Owner
  • This is unbelievable. After using Instant my business skyrocketed. I can see that my traffic coming from Instagram is more likely to make a purchase than any other form of online referral. This is a very valuable e-commerce tool!

    Rick Everest
    Online Hardware Store Owner
  • Instant is so easy to work with. The dashboard is very responsive and intuitive to use. I really like the fact that I can see what activity the system is making for me. It's taken my personal brand as a Real Estate agent to the next level.

    Bethany Rosecamp
    Real Estate Agent
  • Instant is an absolute lifesaver! We all know how important your social media presence is and yet, prior to using Instant, my Instagram profile engagement was a little lackluster. Instant has become a valuable asset to my business!

    Megan Chytraus
  • Instant is great! It's so easy for me to target fashion followers from all over the world. My profile has increased so much so that more and more brands are giving me their cloths and products to review. WOW!

    Kathy Rasmussen
    Fashion Blogger
  • I was feeling overwhelmed and a little stuck with my profile. From the free trial, I gained 390 new followers. Knowing that my following count was going up, it gives me the freedom to focus on my content.

    Jack Flint
    Fitness Influencer

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