How Everything Works

Instant helps you organically grow your Instagram following with our fully managed online personal dashboard.

Watch how the dashboard works

14-day free trial

When you register for a free 14-day trial, we connect your Instagram account to our secure software. This sets up your Instant dashboard that you’ll have access to 24/7 to control your growth.

Target your Audience

You get to personally identify and target your audience. This is done using hashtags, locations, and competitor Instagram profiles. The more precise you are, the more accurately you can engage with people you want as an audience.

Set your Daily Activity

After you identify your target audience, set the amount of activity you want your account to like, follow and comment on. The more aggressive you are, typically, the faster you’ll grow.

Watch the Growth

Our users see results within 24-hours and continue to do so while using Instant. You can watch your account grow on the analytics page within the dashboard.

Subscribe to a suitable plan

Once you feel comfortable with Instant, you can subscribe to a plan that suits you. Remember to talk with our account managers to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software.

Once you have subscribed

After you have subscribed you can continue to tweak and manage your configurations to best suit your profile. It’s a good idea to test various growth strategies and tactics.

Advanced Targeting for Better Results

You’ll have full control over your audience targetting. Be as specific as you need to be or broader to attract a wider engagement. 

It’s time to grow your Instagram